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Can The Coronavirus Put Us In the Mood?

Revactin Staff

About the only good thing that happens when catastrophe strikes is our sex drive goes up. Yup, it’s weird, but true; in the middle of disaster our libidos go into overdrive. Here’s what Helen Fisher an anthropologist at Rutgers has to say about it, “a cocktail of hormones and neurochemicals is released, stimulating the survival instinct, driving up levels of dopamine and, possibly, the hormone testosterone, which stimulates the libido.”

So guys, get ready for your partners to want a lot more action in the days to come as anxiety levels rise, other parts will want to rise to the occasion. If you’re single, get ready for a lot more attention coming your way out there in the dating world - people tend to lower their inhibitions during periods of stress. For all you about to cancel your vacations for that stay-cation, you will have a lot to look forward to - even when it seems like the world is spiraling down, there will be a lot of demand for things to be looking ‘up’.

Revactin’s specially designed antioxidant formulation stimulates the steady production of Nitric Oxide to keep blood flowing down there so you will feel energized and up for it all! So enjoy the extra action while it lasts, make sure to wash your hands frequently, and most importantly keep calm. This too shall pass (but hopefully not the action!)