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Erectile Amnesia

Revactin Staff

We guys have a funny relationship with our penises.  We love them, but as long as they work, we pretty much take them for granted.  As long as they get the job done and no one complains, every thing is great.  But the truth is more complicated.

Penises are kind of like knees.  As you age, your knees deteriorate.  You don’t really notice because the things you like to do as you age, change.  Most of us are not playing a contact sport every day after school anymore.  I used to play football and every day I was running and walking and generally beating my knees to hell.  If I tried that now I’d be on the way to my orthopedist.  But I don’t, and I don’t want to.  Now I like to jog on a treadmill and walk and swim.  I can still do those things.  So, from my point of view, my knees are fine.  Whatever deterioration has happened hasn’t really cramped my style.

Same thing for penises.  When a man is young, he has an erection whenever he wants to and is ready to use it.  Every day if possible.  Multiple times a day.  I’m 48.  I have no need or desire for that level of sexual activity.  For that reason, I never had any complaints about my erectile function.  It wasn’t until I started taking Revactin that I realized that, in fact, my erection was middle-aged.  I had, what I now call, Erectile Amnesia. 

What are the signs of Erectile Amnesia?  The main sign is a failure to note the inevitable signs that your penis is aging and the muscle cells that your support erections are slowly dying off. But it’s not your fault. Doctors don’t tell you about it like they tell you to start watching your cholesterol or taking a multi-vitamin after you turn 30 which I think is nuts. So here’s some ways to jog your memory. Try and remember your youth.  How often did you wake up with an erection?  How long did you have to wait after sex to get another erection?  Once you got an erection, how would you rate its quality on a scale of 1 to 5?  If everything is exactly the same, good for you.  More likely, when you really think about it, your penis is getting older just like the rest of you.  You’ve just failed to notice.   

Ok, so now that you know the facts, you can do something about it and not wait until later when there is a real problem. Revactin helps support and maintain those muscle cells that start to go away as you get older. So yeah, it’s weird to think of your penis as aging but it is and just like you go to the gym to keep fit, you need to do the same for your penis. Think of Revactin as fitness for your penis. Once you start taking it, it will definitely jog your memory. For sure.