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Ginger: the rock star of spices.

Revactin Staff

Ginger. You probably are most familiar with it as a flavor you love in Asian cuisine or something you find in some of your favorite herbal teas. That instantly fresh, awakening taste that makes everything taste so….gingery. Ginger's taste is hard to describe, right? Ginger's in a league of its own flavor-wise and it’s out of this universe when it comes to what it can do for your body health-wise.

Ginger is really, really good for your overall health. Like really good. It’s kind of the rock star of spices - ginger's healthy impact can lower cholesterol, can help improve brain function, can help reduce muscle pain, and oh, even helps with heart disease. If that isn’t impressive enough, it even helps with ordinary indigestion.

What you really probably don’t know is that ginger also helps with, yes, you guessed it, erectile health. That’s why it’s one of our key four ingredients. Ginger helps the muscle cells responsible for healthy erections make something really critical called nitric oxide, which keeps everything down there healthy. Ginger’s anti-oxidant properties are responsible for this. So next time you’re thinking about what tea to order or what to eat you may want to think about options with ginger in it. It’s truly the wonder spice for your overall health and turns out for your erectile health, too!