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Introducing Muira Pauma - the herb superhero.

Revactin Staff

Before the holidays we focused on a very hard-working ingredient in Revactin which we all know and are pretty familiar with - Ginger. This week we’re highlighting another Revactin ingredient that is less widely known but just as effective called Muira Pauma.

For hundreds of years in the Amazon, people have been using Muira Pauma as a medicinal herb. It is lovingly called “Potency Wood” and has a 1,000-year track record of increasing libido and penis health - so its nickname is well deserved. In addition to helping penises stay healthy, it also does a ton of good in other parts of your body; it increases blood flow and brain health, decreases depression and stress, and it even helps with indigestion relief!  What can’t this herb do? 

With so many supplements out there with questionable ingredients, it’s good to know that Revactin is backed with real science and ingredients that get the job done without you having to worry about safety issues or questionable ingredients. Revactin is doctor-formulated and patented to help you fight the symptoms of natural aging in the penis worry-free.