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Men and Menopause

Revactin Staff

Josh and I wanted to send out this recent article in the New York Times: “Why a Woman’s Sex Life Declines After Menopause (Hint: Sometimes It’s Her Partner).” We were surprised that the article didn’t address one of the biggest contributors to a woman’s changing sex life after menopause - her husband!

What women (and for that matter men) don’t know is that after 30, the smooth muscle cells in the penis deteriorate over time, which impacts the maintenance and support of erections. So it’s no wonder that a women’s sex life changes in her menopausal years, because her husband’s does too as he gets older. It’s just the normal aging process.

That’s why we're so passionate about Revactin - it doesn’t just impact men, it can impact their partners too!  


Lara and Josh Oboler