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My Wake-Up Call To Erectile Aging

Revactin Staff

My Wake-Up Call To Erectile Aging

by Josh Oboler

Quick disclaimer.  I am not a doctor.  However, I do consider myself well versed in certain aspects of human physiology.  My father and my sister are interventional cardiologists and my work exposes me constantly to doctors, scientists and professionals in the pharmaceutical field.  So, you can imagine my surprise when asked if I understood how an erection happens, and realized that, in fact, I didn’t.  I mean, I knew the “middle-school” basics.  Blood flows into the penis and can’t get out and the penis inflates like a balloon.  After ejaculation, the blood is released and, presto, the penis deflates.  But what I didn’t know was fascinating and terrifying.

The reason blood flows into the penis is that muscle cells in the penis (smooth muscle cells, to be exact) relax.  This means they open up—and in flows the blood.  Once enough blood enters, the penile tissue swells up squeezing the veins that allow the blood out. So, blood flows in, but when the exit is blocked…voila!  Erection.

Here’s the terrifying part.  As men age, those muscle cells die.  Yup.  From the time you are in your twenties, those cells are dying off one by one.  This isn’t a disease, it’s a natural part of aging, like graying hair or baldness or gaining weight. When about 15% of these muscle cells die off, the penis doesn’t swell enough to block the exit veins.  When the exit isn’t blocked, the blood doesn’t stay in the penis.  It leaks out.  At that point, men can’t get an erection or can’t maintain it.  This happens to ALL men if they live long enough.  It increases roughly by about ten percent of men per decade of life.  In other words, about 30% in their thirties, 40% in their forties and so on experience this inability to get and maintain an erection.

To me, that was eye opening.  But the real kicker was the lead up.  All men notice changes in their sexual performance as they age.  At 18, you can get an erection when the wind blows.  You can have sex, wait ten minutes, then do it again.  As time passes, it takes more to get a man excited enough for an erection and the time in between erections increases.  If any of you can have sex, wait ten minutes and then have sex again, good for you.  Most men, by the age of thirty, can’t and it’s because their smooth muscle cells have died!  Not 15%.  Not enough to impact their ability to have sex.  But, what we currently think about as just a natural slowing down, is an actual sign that these muscles cells are disappearing- like soap bubbles inside your penis.  OUCH!  There’s nothing you can do about it, until now- this is why Revactin is such a game changer. It helps support and maintain these critical muscle cells so you can keep a healthy erection as you age. Say goodbye to middle aged erections for good.

For more detailed information on this subject, I encourage you to read up on the subject.  I recommend this paper: Aging Related Erectile Dysfunction—Potential Mechanism to Halt or Delay its Onset.