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Sex & The Pandemic

Revactin Staff

In times of stress, it’s often the case that our sex drives go up – it’s our bodies’ way to relieve stress. The operative word being often. What’s interesting is that we are coping in different ways. For some, the stress is causing an increase in the desire for physical intimacy For others, the anxiety caused by the pandemic is definitely killing the urge to be physical with our “cellmates”. What we need to remember is that either reaction is perfectly normal, and polling has shown people to be evenly split in their reactions. 

Let’s break down why you may be feeling less amorous.

  1.   Taking on a whole new job: Homeschooling

You may now, on top of everything else, have a whole new job – becoming a teacher to your children. When was the last time you studied the Revolutionary War? 7th Grade Algebra? Those annoying word problems that you still can’t get right. Teaching your kids is not easy. You don’t have the normal patience you might have under less stressful circumstances, and this agitation can definitely reduce feeling up for anything let alone intimacy.

  1.   Sheer Exhaustion.

Even though we have more time at home, we are more exhausted than ever before. We could be worrying about our parents, our job security, or our own health and overall well-being. Friends may be getting sick around us. It’s hard to find that extra energy in the bedroom when all you want to do is hit the sack (this is why Revactin can really help right now – it can give you energy where it counts the most).

  1.   Juggling new family members.

Whether it’s your college kids who are now home, or your parents who have moved in, you now have to double your workload (like hording the toilet paper secretly). It’s really hard. Not to mention having to take into consideration everyone’s opinions, and feelings on pretty much everything. It’s a lot.

  1.   Seeing your partner in a whole new, not so attractive light.

Have you ever thought in your life your wife may be that person who says “Let’s circle back on that.” Or “We need to cross our T’s and dot our I’s.” You know, the office wank who always uses cheesy phrases that make you cringe? Yup, we all could be realizing our partner is literally that person. We are getting glimpses into parts of our partner’s lives we never see – and well, it can be a turn off.

  1.   Messed up schedules, no time.
    Because our lives have been so disrupted, the time we used to be able to carve out to peel away has suddenly vanished. You get to 9:30 and just want to watch the next episode of Ozark with a large drink on hand. Not the best recipe for feeling the love. But it all makes sense when we think about how our routines, and rituals are no longer the same.

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to how to deal with our new normal. Like the pandemic itself, our emotions and reactions will come in waves – sometimes we will be feeling the urge to be intimate and sometimes it will be the last thing from our minds. Either way, taking Revactin can help you keep up your energy in the bedroom or in the gym. If we can’t control the world around us, we can at least do our best to control our own worlds and give ourselves the things that can make us feel good right now. It’s important to give ourselves a break. And fear not! Soon, we will want to feel close to those we love in the coming weeks. We will want to sneak away with our partners no matter how many new visitors are in the house. It’s just human nature. Look outside – the buds are coming out (if you live in a colder climate) and Spring is here. Keep strong and safe out there and check out the article below for an interesting take on all of this.