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Keeping Fit and Staying Sane In Our New Normal

Revactin Staff

So here we are in this surreal situation we are now referring to as “the new normal”, and none of us are quite sure what to do. The gym is probably closed now in your town, and we are pretty much stuck inside and on top of that there aren’t even any sports to watch! But that doesn’t mean we have to surrender completely to the couch, and bad reruns. We’re smart and resourceful and won’t be stopped from sticking to our routines and getting the exercise we need.

Here are some great ideas for staying in shape while we do our duty and practice responsible social distancing. Even if we don’t have a Bowflex in the basement, we can turn our homes into makeshift gyms and Revactin will be right there with you giving you the energy you need at every step.

First, there are a whole range of exercises we can do in our home to maintain a level of fitness that, while not the ideal, will keep our heart rate up and our stress levels down. Check out this great article from the Atlantic magazine that details all the ways we can “sweat out the pandemic” and stop from going completely crazy.

There are also a surprising number of household items listed here that make great substitutes for the gym equipment we used to take for granted, and with a little creativity we can pretty much tackle any workout we’d do at the gym. But it’s not just physical exercise that’s important, it’s also important to make sure we are taking care of our mental health. How about winding down and chilling out by doing a couple of these virtual museum tours. Think of it this way-  you’ll sound cultured and look great at the same time when we are ready to emerge. And if don’t want to lose that post-workout bar experience - no worries - just  join one of the new virtual happy hours, described here by the Washington Post, to keep your socializing right on track.

We can’t control what’s going on around us. But we can do small things every day to help keep our bodies and minds healthy and strong in the weeks ahead. A little self-care physically and emotionally will go a long way!