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Revactin Staff


March 2019

Sex talk is cheap. It’s served to us on the subway, on the radio, on television, and nearly everywhere online. The good news is, we’re living in a time where “wellness” is also everywhere and men are taking care of themselves like never before; their hair, their eyes, their skin, their minds. But if the topic of health and well-being is so often in our face, our ears, and our heads, why do we continue to squirm and blush at arguably the most essential element of it — penis health?

… and Erectile Function shouldn’t be either. Many men find discomfort in discussing anything to do with their sexual health, but it’s imperative that we have a good understanding of it to stay safe and be healthy. ED has taken on the misplaced moniker of just that, a dysfunction, when in fact it’s very much a function of the normal male aging process. The muscle cells in the penis are what enable a man to achieve and maintain an erection, so as we age, so do these cells. We don’t feel it and we don’t notice it. Like wrinkles or graying hair; one day it just catches up with you. Finally, we must address the fact that cultural taboos are dangerous and can lead to the sharing of dangerous misinformation — for example, purchasing gas station supplements that promise “TIME, SIZE, and STAMINA,” but instead may send you to the emergency room with heart problems.

Let’s take a few steps back for a moment. You may be wondering why a female cardiologist such as myself is so enthusiastic about Erectile Health research and support. But there’s a direct connection between heart health and penis health, and in cases of ED more often than not a Urologist will send their patients for a cardiology visit too. As a doctor, this, of course, sparked my interest, but as a human, I came to care deeply for my male patients’ wellbeing.

As I mentioned, the deterioration of muscle cells in the penis is very similar to the process we see in cell degeneration due to cardiovascular disease. So, when leading urologist Dr. Jacob Rajfer was developing Revactin, an entirely new and more natural approach to erectile function (Yes, function!), I knew ours was a perfect partnership. Beyond advancing the field of erectile care and supporting men in long-term health, Revactin is breaking down doors to catalyze the conversation — not just in the media, but on a very personal level. Our interactive website addresses all of your questions, creates a shared and open space, and serves as a platform where men can get the answers they need to realize that what they’re experiencing is completely normal. Much like creams for aging skin, lubricants for aging eyes and pills for thinning hair have become part of an everyday routine, so too should preventative measures for aging penises.

So, how exactly is a supplement like Revactin changing the game? First, I should explain how an erection happens. While there’s a whole cascade of things that have to occur, in short, when a man sees something that he’s turned on by, the brain is stimulated and sends off neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase. That neurotransmitter heads to the erectile tissues and tells the muscle cells to trigger arousal. Dr. Rajfer thought if we could manipulate that pathway pharmacologically by going straight to the source — the penis — we could help with erectile health and function. Revactin causes Nitric Oxide to be produced inside of the actual human penile cells, sustaining their function and durability. Where Viagra — which, mind you, doesn’t work for everyone and many cannot take due to heart conditions — is a reactive drug, Revactin takes proactive measures to stabilize the foundation and slow the cell deterioration.

As a doctor, it’s not simply about keeping someone alive or well; it’s finding ways to allow a patient to live life to their fullest. As a human, I believe very much in the power of quality of life, and sexual health and erectile function are an essential element of that.

The most powerful thing we can do to de-stigmatize these topics is to speak their absolute ordinariness into existence and push the conversation forward. Knowledge is power which, in this case, can lead to pleasure. Revactin is flipping the narrative, encouraging open dialogue, and being proactive with your care.